Featured Artists


The Lark & The Loon

For husband and wife duo The Lark And The Loon’s third album, 2 (Release date: May 20th, 2019) may seem an unlikely title at first glance. Upon deeper reflection, it’s more than aptly named. Recorded just a mere six weeks after 2018’s Homestead Hands, both albums share a deep synergy between them. The entire album is duets that the couple wrote together specifically for this album. Each song is designed to represent them both equally which is something they try to strive for in their relationship.


Ky Burt

Ky Burt’s debut full-length studio album, The Sky In Between (Release date: April 5th, 2019) features ten richly crafted songs rooted in the sounds and settings of the American landscape. It’s the culmination of several years of intensive writing, performing, and re-working of songs, that span a Midwest upbringing, career as an environmental educator in Arizona, and ultimately landing Burt in his new home in the Pacific Northwest.


Alice DiMicele

Alice DiMicele has been a grassroots trailblazer in independent music for over 30 years. Bucking the advances of record labels early on in her career, she has since self-released 14 albums on her own Alice Otter Music label, including her latest One With The Tide (Release date: Jan. 19th, 2018). While seamlessly working jazz/blues phrasing and R&B and rock & roll rhythms into a broadened Folk/ Roots/Americana sound she describes as "Organic Acoustic Groove," she has stayed true to herself and her mission, creating music that connects people, inspiring them to take a stand for love, the earth, and for justice in the world.


Genevieve Charbonneau

Award-winning Island singer-songwriter Genevieve Charbonneau is showcasing her latest collection of heartfelt songs in an island tour starting March 1. Her album, entitled “Heart is a Tower” is the first album recorded at SLS Studios, the new state-of-the-art recording studio at Shawnigan School, run by Grammy-winning engineer Steve Smith out of Seattle. Charbonneau, with producer and fellow songwriter Jack Connolly. The result is a stunning album with firm folk roots but high production values.


Joanne Rand

Joanne Rand’s 17th independent release, Just Keep Going (Release Date: Jan. 14th, 2019) takes inspiration from two of her greatest teachers, her father, and mother, aged 95 and 93. Their tenacity and continued enthusiasm for life, against all odds, say out loud: just keep going! As Rand relates “If they can do it, we can do it in these extreme times at hand. The songs are an ebb and flow of push and soothe, the fuel and healing balm to help make sense out of the current world and life in general.” 


Diane Patterson

On her fifth solo recording “Open Road” (Release date: Feb. 23rd, 2018), Diane Patterson’s sincere spirit and wild heart joyfully plants seeds of love and revolution in every listener. Based in Southern Oregon, Patterson’s musical background spans folk-rock, blues, and worldbeat, all which she lovingly weaves together in an earthy folk, rhythmic funk infused sound all her own. Her passionate guitar and ukulele drive the songs and lyrics, with unifying stories that praise the beauty in life, grieve the losses, and reflect and inspire on how we can rise up and heal amid life’s many challenges.


Kora Feder

A rising voice in the new generation of singer-songwriters, Kora Feder is up to the task of confronting the times we live in.  Feder’s first full-length album, In Sevens (Release date: April 2nd, 2019), is an honest and poetic testament to the modern age.  From living in Asia and Europe with a backpack and a guitar while working for various International NGO’s to the apocalyptic realization of returning home to modern America, these are the songs of a young woman coming of age and holding her own.


Lucia Comnes

Bicontinental singer-songwriter, fiddler, and guitarist Lucia Comnes fourth release “Held In The Arms”  is a collection of 13 original songs, centered around the theme of ‘things that nurture. Comnes delving deep into Irish music studying in the U.S. and Ireland with renowned fiddle masters Martin Hayes, Kevin Burke, and Oisín MacDiarmada. Her song No Hiding Place won best song of the year from the Dallas Songwriters Association, which led to recording in Nashville in 2016.


Dave Richardson

Thrifty with his words, and soft-spoken, he’s not the guy clamoring to be heard.  From a young age, music became his voice of expression, a way to process and express his feelings and thoughts. A self-taught guitarist, he was instantly drawn deep into the rich catalog of traditional and contemporary folk music; the instrumentation, the storytelling, the people, the history, and the use of music as a platform to speak out. Committed to not only putting new music out into the world, he also breathes new life into old songs. On his debut album Carry Me Along. Richardson weaves together threads of folk, country, and traditional music, with a collection of originals and timeworn tunes, inspired by song collectors and re-interpreters like Jean RitchiePete Seeger, and Martin Carthy