Wren – Stitch An Ocean (Coser o Mar)

National Release Date: Feb. 23rd, cialis  2016

Wren - Stitch An Ocean  

A providential teaching job and yearlong immersion in the ancient culture of Galicia, a historic community with it’s own distinct language – Gallego, in the NW corner of Spain, was the catalyst for Seattle singer-songwriter Wren’s transformative sophomore release Stitch an Ocean (Coser o Mar). Galicia with it’s verdant landscape, rainy weather, and maritime influence, felt immediately similar to her own home in the Pacific Northwest, but the language, culture, and connection to the land felt fresh and compelling. Returning to Seattle, Wren sought to assimilate her experience of Galicia, a life tied to the seasons, the ebb and flow of the tides, the age-old ceremonies of family and community, and a land-based identity. Stitch An Ocean (Coser o Mar) is an homage of sorts, capturing the beauty, innocence, and childlike wonder that the place evoked, while also affirming the need for the preservation of Galicia’s rural way of life and it’s time honored culture. 

Produced by Devin Mooers & Wren, Stitch An Ocean (Coser o Mar) was recorded & mixed by Don Farwell at Earwig Studio (Joanna Macey, Brenda Xu), with the exception of “The Road You Thought You Knew” recorded by Jason Gray at Blue Mallard Studio. Anchored by Wren’s classical guitar fingerpicking and soothing vocals, it features a bevy of supporting folk and roots players from across the Northwest. 

The ‘title’ track, “Hand-Sewn Ocean,” is the cornerstone of the album. The song tells the story of a woman sitting in an oak grove in Galicia, Spain, stitching a quilt. The quilt is made up of pieces of her life: her mother’s apron, her brother’s pants, a Bengal tiger and lace from France. It is a project built from love but full of hope, for it is her vision of what the world can be. As she finishes the quilt, a hoard of insects pick it up and carry it out across the earth’s forests, prairies, and oceans, to lay down the new world. The story is born from Wren’s love of fairytales, myths, and children’s books. The rest of the album sprung forth quickly once this song—a creation myth of sorts—was complete. 

The lead-off track “It’s Raining” Wren wrote soon after returning home to the states. Overcome with morriña (a nostalgic longing for Galicia), the familiar beating of the Seattle rain washed gently over her, serving as reminder that it was time to stop looking back, and instead time to look forward. “Sea Calls,” the tale of a magical transformation of a special fox, is graced by Devin Mooers’ lovely hammered dulcimer playing and sweet backing harmonies with Chloe Grace. The sentimentality and yearning expressed in “Strong Ones,” is accentuated by Dan Walker’s elegant piano playing and Bill Panks' melancholy violin.  “Amongst the Pine,” with its bewitching American Indian cedar flute & wind whistle played by master flutist Gary Stroutsos, hearkens back to a wilderness solo ‘vision quest’ that Wren took that was spiritually powerful, and life altering. Wren’s love of the Galician language – Gallego, and delight in being able to sing in it, compelled her to include two Galician songs on the album, “A Rianxeira” (Angel Viro), and “Catro Vellos Mariñeiros,”a popular folksong. Sans the traditional hallmarks that typify Galician music, marching beat, percussion and bagpipes, the arrangements are stylistically contemporary.

In support of the new album, Wren will be touring in spring of 2016 in Galicia, its birthplace, and in several other parts of Spain and Europe.

Website: http://www.wrenmusic.net
Listen:  https://soundcloud.com/seattlewren/sets/stitch-an-ocean/s-g197l