The Haunted Windchimes

National Release Date: May 13th, treatment 2016

Rattle Your Bones   

The Haunted Windchimes hail from Pueblo Colorado, historically one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse cities in the state, at the southern most reaches of the Rocky Mountain Front Range. Drawing from traditional folk and American roots music, their songs have a vintage quality, painting pictures of days gone by and days that yearn to be.  While not exactly bluegrass, blues or country, their songs draw from all of these elements, grounded by spirited pickin’ and honeyed harmonies. Moreover, there’s something about Pueblo’s steel mill beginnings, storied immigrant legacy, and the dusty arid climate, that seeps into “The Chimes” music, adding ample character, edge and grit.

“Rattle Your Bones” (Release date: May 13th, 2016) is the sixth recording from the quintet, released on their own homegrown label, Blank Tape Records and recorded by Chandler Pratt (The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit) in Modesto, CA. The Haunted Windchimes are: Inaiah Lujan (acoustic and electric guitar, bass, percussion, vocals), Chela Lujan (banjo, vocals), Desirae Garcia (baritone ukulele, bass, vocals) and Mike Clark (acoustic guitar, violin, mandolin, vocals). Produced by The Haunted Windchimes and Chandler Pratt, guest musicians include Pratt, (tambourine, mandolin, electric guitar) and renowned LA and Nashville session player Mike Witcher (lap steel, dobro).

All four members of “The Chimes” show their prowess as prolific songwriters and vocalists contributing two songs apiece on the album, and trading off lead and harmony parts. “Everybody’s Talking, ” with its stirring turn-of-the-century ragtime swing and textured vocal swells, suggests that no matter what our troubles we can sing away our woes and misery. The timeless gospel call and response tune “River Song,” with its lightly plucked banjo, is reminiscent of the Carter Family, and Woody Guthrie's “Sowing On A Mountain.” The up all night raspy vocalized “Banjo and the Bottle” revels in those great nights with friends sitting around a campfire passing a guitar and jug around, sharing songs until the sun comes up. With its classic folk and country licks, “Traveling Lady,” celebrates those light and carefree days on the road where life feels full of endless promise. “Sun Shining Bright,” with its decidedly sonic psychedelic edge, was inspired by the folk tales of old, while tipping their hat to the Grateful Dead.

In support of the new album, The Haunted Windchimes will be touring throughout 2016, as well as releasing several singles this summer of new material.