Rachel Garlin

National Release Date: April 21st, 2015

album cover Wink at July  Rachel Garlin promo photo

In the seven years since the 2008 release of Bound To Be Mountains, Rachel Garlin moved back to her home state of California from New York City, got married, had a baby, then another,  and was serendipitously offered a job as a music teacher at a local school. Given the constraints of this period of time (new motherhood, a new day job, and a new city) it's a wonder that her fifth album, “Wink at July” happened at all. But the songs kept coming and fortuitously for Garlin, located just two short blocks from her home, was San Francisco’s renowned Decibelle Studio, a longstanding studio space steeped in real music by real people and the setting was perfect for her latest effort.

Local luminaries on Wink at July include Michael Urbano (John Hiatt, Smash Mouth), Prairie Prince (Journey, Chris Isaak, John Fogerty), as well as longtime collaborators Julie Wolf (Ani DiFranco, Indigo Girls), Jon Evans (Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan) & many others. 

Produced by JJ Wiesler (Matt Nathanson, Girls, Jonathan Richman), Wink at July, continues in the vein of Garlin's trademark "story songs" that won her past notable accolades at The Newport Folk Festival Talent Search (first place), The New York Songwriter's Circle and as a twice finalist in the Telluride Bluegrass Festival Troubadour contest. Wink at July takes the listener on a journey from the Berkeley Hills to the Isles of Scotland, from Keith Haring's graffiti to the studio of an elusive artist, from Gwendolyn Brooks poetry to letters and words exchanged between friends & loved ones.

Growing up in Berkeley, Garlin remembers riding the public bus to school and absorbing the folk music and social activism around her. The lively lead-off track “Gwendolyn Said” is both retrospective and topical with its impassioned lyrics to “Stand up, rock the boat” as Garlin gives a shout-out to the socially conscious poetry that was posted on street-car billboards during that time. “Accordion Song,” explores the vulnerability and inability to fully connect and give comfort at a time of loss, while “Dear Friend,” contains a collection of letters evocative of the closeness friends share at a distance. The lightly plucked “The Sea You See” pays tribute to Garlin's mother and her emigration from Scotland and the lineage she has passed on to her daughter, while “Hey Keith Haring” plays homage of a different kind, to the legacy left behind by the political artist who left this life too soon. The rhythmic folk blues of “This Winding Road” delivers a retrospective about discovering the beauty of local and familiar places.“Colorado Rain” follows a similar theme of beloved landscapes and memories but with more of a country folk approach. “Up On A Ladder In Boots” is a charming, playful, mandolin-driven song about an elusive artist. Marveling at humankind, the title and final track “Wink at July” stitches together historical moments and memories, beginning with the moon landing and ending with the wonderment of new life.

Rachel Garlin hosts a bi-monthly Women's Songwriting Circle in San Francisco. In support of the new album she will be touring throughout 2015. 

Website: http://www.rachelgarlin.com
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