Quotes From Folks I’ve Worked With:

Since we began working with Sue, and we no longer play to empty rooms. Even in new markets the word has been spread enough to bring in some eager listening folks. Thanks to Sue, every time we come to town there has been an article in the local newspaper and an announcement on the community radio station as well as great information shared with the venue. She is quick to respond and easy to communicate with. It's a pleasure to work with Sue.

-Bridget Law of Elephant Revival

"I've had the pleasure of working with Sue for years. Her hands on approach, dependability and professional, yet personal style, gets results."

-Phil Einsohn, Sweetwine Entertainment Group

As a broadcaster, I know that if Sue sends me something I'm going to be needing to give it a listen. You don't get that from the big outfits that sell their services to the highest bidder. If Sue is working to get you heard, it's for the sole reason that she loves your music and gets what you're doing. And as a result, I'm like Pavlov's dog when the bell goes off when I see that message from her in the ol' inbox!"

-Cary Allen Fields – Host of "Redbud Radio" & "Fields of Bluegrass" WICR FM

Sue DuMond is not only an amazing mom and lovely human being she is an incredible organizer, concert promoter, publicist and friend. She promoted many successful shows for me on Lopez Island in the late eighties and nineties. Now Sue has lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders as my publicist and it seems that everywhere I go, there are newspaper articles and radio interviews awaiting me. Her smile and humor are infectious and her dedication and work ethic are unmatched. I consider myself lucky to have Sue behind me and I know I'm better off for it.

– Alice Di Micele

I love working with Sue. She is a great communicator with both artistic and practical-minded insights, and she brings the perfect mix of easy-going and get-down-to-business. We get a lot done, and we have fun with the process. It's great to have a collaborator in the music world.

– Rachel Garlin

Sue helped me with the radio promotion for a recent Midwest tour. She was prompt, efficient and a delight to work with.  From her work I was offered radio interviews, one which led to a live in studio performance with an audience.  The station (Radio Kansas an NPR station) re-played it several times throughout the year in addition to playing my CD's as a lead up to the airing of the live show.

– Carolyn Cruso

Sue's one of those people who I've crossed musical paths with under the auspices of "business" who immediately became a friend rather than an associate.  Besides her immediate kindness and generosity and good humor, I was taken with her passion for the music, and her dedication to the task of bringing it to the ears of those who hadn't heard it yet.   It's such an obviously genuine labor of love, that you just want to jump in line and join the parade.

– Danny Schmidt

Sue DuMond is an amazing producer and a super nice person.  We had never been to Lopez Island before.  Sue booked the grange hall, got the sound system and engineer, publicized the show and got folks out to see us, and even fed us dinner.  We feel blessed to know her as all musicians who cross her path must feel.  Sue is a true supporter of the arts, and us traveling troubadours feel grateful and blessed to know her.

– Eve, Lisa and Andrea (Rebecca Riots)