Joanne Rand – Southern Girl

National Release: Southern Girl – Sept. 8th, story sickness 2015


A long time Fixture on the West Coast singer-songwriter scene, visionary songsmith Joanne Rand’s trailblazing “psychedelic-roots-folk-rock” sound on Southern Girl explores the center and edges of life’s joys and dramas. Not only do Rand’s southern roots take center stage in these rich tunes, but also motherhood, activism, culture and art. As always, Rand is developing, mining and pollinating ideas, raising spirits, and offering hope and inspiration.

Over the course of three decades, Rand’s music has taken her, and her listeners, on countless adventures. From the Amazon jungle to the wilds of Manhattan, Rand has performed for multitudes across ethnic, economic and multi- generational backgrounds. Rand sings to her roots but also her present culture, with shout-outs for ecology, human rights, family, gay pride and more.

Southern Girl, Rand’s 15th independently produced CD, adds layers to her musical tapestry by exploring her Georgia roots. Dashes of bluegrass and Appalachia are sprinkled throughout the album, with Flourishes of jazz rock fusion, coloring her signature sound.

Rand created the album with longtime producer-collaborator Stephen Hart (Bonnie Raitt, White Stripes, Stevie Ray Vaughn) and Piet Dalmolen. Joined by Bradley Dee (drums, percussion), Jonathan Kipp (drums) Tim Randles (electric Bass, keyboard) Piet Dalmolen (electric & slide guitars) and Rob Diggins (violin); Rand contributed acoustic guitar, vocals, keyboard, clarinet and shaker.

From the opening edgy strains of a Fiddle on “Mud in Your Eye,” Rand forgoes approaching her Southern musical heritage in any sort of traditional fashion. Instead it’s added spice to her Five originals, while the traditionals and covers she’s chosen are instilled with a fresh creativity. “Cripple Creek” and “Maid of Constant Sorrow” have all the acoustic elements that make them such time honored classics, but at a heightened adrenaline pace that is paired with Rand’s dynamic hair raising vocal range. Rand covers her long time hero Norman Blake and his delightful story tune, “Ginseng Sullivan,” offering the song in a more conventional country-folk approach. Robert Burns’ poem “Red Rose” is set to an old Scottish melody. “Monkey Puzzle Tree,” written by Rand’s late brother Jordan Rand, and her tune “I Love It” are reworked from her prior releases. “L.A. Squirrel” is a whimsical squirrel’s eye view of the glitz, glamour and ambitions won and lost in Hollywood.

Rand’s personal quest to “get back to the garden,” as so aptly penned by Joni Mitchell in her iconic song “Woodstock,” led Rand to the West Coast, and led to her brilliant cover of this timeless song. On “Thicker Than Water,” Rand sings: “Blood is thicker than water, that’s a fact passed down from mother to daughter. I want to be beside you every day. But the sun and the moon and the stars spinning, lured me away.” Equal parts ode to her Southern roots, and bond between mother and daughter, Rand’s love has never waned for her Southern home and family. As she states: “I always intended to move back…. but life takes you where it will….”

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