The Moonshine

“…top-notch purveyors of buoyant folk-rock ballads and they’ve nailed a tricky lyrical balance: being optimistic about pessimism..” — Neha Kulsh, order The Owl Magazine

National Release Date: Jan. 28, tadalafil 2014

And Now...The Moonshine Misner & Smith

Portland Oregon based The Moonshine is an idea on the rise. An incandescent blend of guitar, view autoharp, fiddle, banjo and upright bass. A rhythmic network of folks and songs from everywhere and nowhere. This is roots music born of the endless wonder of the open countryside, just as it is music meant to be heard blaring from brightly lit dancehalls on crowded city streets. During a given performance one is as likely to hear a modernist take on a Carter Family song from the 20's, as an anti-GMO song written in the new millennia with a distinctly old-time feel.

Started in the winter of 2012, The Moonshine began crafting a style all their own based on applying traditional stringband techniques to the unconventional, yet instantly familiar writing of Michael Gerard Levasseur (formerly performing as “Michael The Blind”). As “Michael The Blind,” Levasseur put out two solo records and the 2012 acclaimed Alder Street Records release “Are’s and Els.” "His songs have acquired a texture that’s more British post-punk than Americana. Are’s & Els gets rowdy at times, but it’s also darkly shaded, with melodies that seem to take shape on the fly, guided by Levasseur’s trembly, angsty vocals."— Noel Murray, Onion AV Club 

The impetus for The Moonshine was a conscious genre shift away from the rock pop infused “Ares and Els “and a return to Levasseur's previous folk obsessions with John Fahey and the hybrid fingerpicking/clawhammer style of banjo players Uncle Dave Macon and Charley Poole. Afresh with new material, Levasseur didn’t have to look too far to revivify his song ideas. Michael (Vocals, Guitar, Pen, Paper) Rachael Renee' (Vocals, Autoharp, Keys) and Elwood Johncox (Upright Bass) formed the core of the previous Michael The Blind incarnation. Susanna Low-Beer (Fiddle, Violin) and Sara Wolf (Clawhammer Banjo) fell into step with their mix of traditional, gypsy and old-timey inspired sounds. Thus The Moonshine was born.

For “And Now…” The Moonshine’s debut release on Alder Street Records, the band elicited recording engineer Collin Hegna (The Shivas, The Shaky Hands, Brian Jonestown Massacre) and his Portland based Revolver Studio. Levasseur penned seven of the eight songs on “And Now…” with the exception of the Carter family tune “Solid Gone.” The lead off track “Never Know” is a is a palpable upbeat optimistic handclapping anthemesque folk sing-a-long, contrasting sharply with the disquieting bluesy edged “Hard Times.” On “Flood” the lyrics take a turn toward a more spiritual climb to higher ground, with a roots based gospel feel driving the song. Throughout “And Now…” The Moonshine traverse a musical landscape where the traditional and modern intersect, mixing old folk, traditional, and blues styles with indie rock and Americana. The fervor of a new generation crafting songs with an eye towards the past and a gaze towards the future.

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