The Gloria Darlings

"A new young version of Hazel & Alice" – Tony Lawson, ampoule Blue Plate Special, WDVX 

National Release Date: June 1, 2013
Artist Spotlight:

The Gloria Darlings - Come Home To Me The Gloria Darlings

The Gloria Darlings are a Seattle based, young and innovative female driven duo; based on a love of roots, old-time country, contemporary folk and bluegrass music.  With a strong focus on fiddle and guitar; they draw from a deep well of original tunes, traditionals, and folksy renditions of popular songs; singing with tight, vibrant, vocal harmonies that are reminiscent of an era long gone. Startlingly beautiful, the duo evokes a soothing and timeless  "vintage country" sound, through the closely intertwined silky sweet vocals of Melissa Jane Pandiani aka Pandi (vocals, guitar), and Amelia Boksenbaum aka Milly Raccoon (vocals, fiddle, mandolin).

The origins of the duo reach back to 2009, with beginnings in Seattle’s thriving roots and bluegrass scene, and Pike Place Market busking community. The current Gloria Darlings combination solidified in 2011; merging Pandi's ravenous appreciation of Americana and 60's folk revival, with Milly's classical violin background, theater interest, and forays into old-time, gypsy jazz, honky-tonk, and country blues. A dynamic tour-de-force, their catchy original tunes, and infectious energy find them touring and busking from coast to coast. The Gloria Darlings have gained the praise of preeminent bluegrass artist Alice Gerrard who remarked; “An up-and-coming gifted songwriter and singer, Pandi (The Gloria Darlings) conveys in equal parts; great melodies, wonderful lines like, ‘when you stumble make it part of the dance,’ and a voice that has sweetness, edge, tenderness and toughness.”

On Come Home To Me, the Gloria Darlings elicited versatile musician, and engineer Michael Connolly, recording at his Seattle based Empty Sea Studios. Connolly plays bass on the record; that features nine original tunes, five penned by Pandi and four by Milly, and two covers. Come Home To Me reflects the duo's growth as a band, experiences and adventures in the last two years. This is also visually portrayed throughout the design, original cover & CD artwork, created by Milly.

From the lamenting but optimistic chorus, "I’ll leave the light on," in the title track, “Come Home To Me,” in a failed romance, to the tender loving arms that remain open in "To Care About You," the record shares it's tales of broken hearts and found love, with folksy narratives and intrepid spirit and growth.   The upbeat charm of bluegrassy flavored reels, range from the instrumental "Little Bunny," and fun and frolic of "Jack of The Wood," to the detached heartbreak of multiple romances on "Music Men." The two covers on the album reflect the Gloria Darlings roots, influences, and deep love for vintage country and bluegrass “hillbilly music.” “You Done Me Wrong” is a Ray Price song that is one of The Gloria Darlings favorites, and “I’m Gonna Love You One More Time;” is a rendition of a Louvin’ Brothers song that the duo learned from Jim & Jesse McReynolds. On Come Home To Me, The Gloria Darlings, honor and embrace traditional based music, while showcasing that they are strong songstresses in their own right, with an unmistakable vintage but modern feel.

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