“Rain-drenched harmonies, ed windswept acoustic guitar work and the intimate warmth of three loving friends.” – Rick Bowen(Examiner.com/Seattle Music Scene)

National Release Date: June 1, 2013

Hannalee - Morchella Hannalee

Morchella (Spring) is the third in the series of Seattle folk roots trio Hannalee’s seasonal EP offerings. Following on the heels of Brassica (Winter 2012/13) and Cucurbita (Fall 2012), Morchella blossoms with fresh energy and life, growth and joyful optimism with a bittersweet twinge of the imperfections and endings that permeate all new beginnings. As the winter mountain snows melt, the artful handcrafted silk-screened cover reveals the stirrings of fresh song-filled growth beneath the earthy depths of yet another spring. 

Blending the sounds of traditional folk music with elements of dark, but optimistic, neverland whimsy, Hannalee creates a unique music strange and familiar all at once. The magical three part harmonies of married couple Michael Notter (guitar, ukulele vocals), Anna –Lisa Notter (ukulele, dulcimer, vocals, percussion) and long-time friend Fidelia Rowe (vocals, percussion) wrap around the ears like a favorite childhood blanket and send one off to bed to dream enchanted dreams.  Hannalee was sparked by a cozy living room sing-along in 2010, but it wasn’t until Michael Notter’s touring band, Motopony, fell into a lull, that the impetus to release Morchella and its seasonal predecessors began to take shape. With a catalogue of songs the band had built up over the past three years, in April of 2012 Michael began to work on the autumn release, Cucurbita. Hannalee’s idea was to release and share with their listeners the music they were making as they were creating it, continually throughout the year. 

Morchella is a visual and auditory work of art, from the original hand screen-print and design by Lance Lobuzzetta, and illustration by Anna-Lisa, to the warm and sumptuous vocals of the trio. Encapsulating a soft indie-folk meets rootsy pop, the six song EP  was recorded at The Hobbit Hole and The Track Shack in Seattle and mastered at RFI. As the principal songwriter, Michael Notter penned all the songs, with lyrical collaboration from Fidelia on “Home You’re Leaving."Can't Believe It" is an upbeat stab at the paradox of living the gift of life while not really understanding it.  But joyfully.  In the same vein,  "Golden Sunrise,“ muses at the fickle and ever-elusive nature of the pursuit of truth. The tender and whimsical “Wedding Song” is a testament to the depth of love and connection of souls meeting. Special guest Faustine Hudson drums on both "Golden Sunrise" and "Asleep in the Attic.”

With summer just around the corner, the spine-tingling choir folk harmonies contained on Morchella will lovingly transport one towards the lengthening days, and the warmth and promise of a new season, and the next EP in the series. “Uplifting music that is beautiful in more ways than one….Hannalee is a fine example of what makes homemade folk music so special.” – Jeff G (Foxbeard.com)

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